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KICK-OFF CRANACH – Cranach Catches On

In preparation for POP-UP CRANACH, Alice – Museum for Children at the FEZ Berlin asked the very people for whom the exhibition was being designed for their ideas about the Cranachs i.e. children and young people from Berlin between the ages of 5 and 16. To this end, the Children’s Museum undertook the KICK-OFF CRANACH school project from September 2013 to April 2014. Lemgo Primary School (Berlin Kreuzberg), Merian School (Berlin Köpenick) and Hoppetosse Nursery (Berlin Lichtenberg) all took part.

Ein Film von Kirsten Burger

During workshops and trips to Wittenberg, museums and artists’ studios, lots and lots of questions were asked. For example, why were the two Cranachs such good artists? Who bought their paintings? In what way can painters from the 16th century still be interesting to children and young people today? The girls and boys, along with four Berlin artists, gave their highly personal answers in the form of their own artworks in which history encountered the present day, religions were compared and questions about beauty, individuality and self-expression both then and now were tackled. Some of the fantastic results from KICK-OFF CRANACH can be marvelled at from 26 September 2014 in the POP-UP CRANACH exhibition and also in the Cranach Studio in Alice – Museum for Children at the FEZ Berlin.

We would like to thank all the children and adults involved for their excellent and sustained collaboration.

Pupils and Teachers
Lemgo Primary School, Berlin Kreuzberg
Classes 3c and 5a, Dirk Borges, Christiane Bürkner, Bärbel Knau, Petra Krause

Merian School, Berlin Köpenick
Year 11’s optional art class, Jens Abramowsky, Ramona Gronow

Hoppetosse Nursery School, Berlin Rummelsburg
Pre-school children, Patricia Klatt

Project Directors
Petra Larass, Rebecca Raue

Project Team
Kirsten Burger, Michaela Englert, Hannah van Ginkel

Michael Bennet, Roswitha Hindemith, Ali Kaaf

Studio Visits
Gerhard Kassner, Pola Sieverding

Museum Visits
Gemäldegalerie, National Museums in Berlin
Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum for Contemporary Art – Berlin, National Museums in Berlin
New National Gallery, National Museums in Berlin
The Luther House, Luther Memorials Foundation of Saxony Anhalt, Wittenberg
Cranach Courtyards, Wittenberg

Sponsored by:
Berlin Project Funds for Cultural Education